Stirring technology

Folding PTO Mixer

„Folding mixer“, that means that the mixer rod is fixed with the sideways guid tube with a swivel joint. Easy and smooth insertion of the slurry mixer in small slurry pit openings (from about ø 60cm) due to the cranked folding frame.

PTO Mixer rigid

The RECK rigid PTO mixer type TYPHOON are the robust ones with solid construction of the frame. They are made for the use in open slurry pits and slurry lagoons. Mixer lenghts are available from 4,4m to 22m.

Swivelling Mixer

The Hercules swivelling mixer can be swivelled hydraulically through 170° (left and right) from the tractor's seat and therefore can be used effectively in any particular lagoon. Final disposals 1,5m height and lagre lagoons can easily agitated from "one " position.

PTO Mixer for slurry towers

The choice of the mixer height depends on the height of the slurry tower. There are mixer heights to 6m and length of the mixer rod to 9m available.
Inclination of the mixer rod via hydraulic cylinder. There are also different mixer versions available.

RECK Agrartechnik - Mammoth


Mixer rod

Mixer rod with high efficiency propeller

Mixer with hydraulic motor drive

With special attachments the Tornado mixer with hydraulic drive can be used on tractor with front loader, wheel loader, telescopic loaders or excavator. Depending on the hydraulic output different motors ensure a maximum stirring performance.

Electric Slurry Mixer

The electric mixer BLIZZARD is powered with electric motors from 2,2 kW to 22 kW. With these powerfull motor drives even strongest surface crusts can be mixed.

Submersible mixer

The submersible mixer ORKA is working directly in the medium. He is powered by electric motors from 7,5 kw up to 22 kW.

Slatted Floor Mixer

The stir up performance in slurry channels. Time saving, without annoyance and drudgery - stirring up easily through the fissures.

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