RECK photo and film competition

On March the 16th, in bright sunshine, the RECK Agriculture took the prize for the photo and film competition. At the start of the event, a joint lunch took place in the health resort of Bad Buchau. The award winners and their accompaniment exchanged intensively with the management and the jurors from Reck in the beautiful ambience next to the Federsee. After this entertaining excursion we went back to the company in Betzenweiler to make the official award ceremony.

The Judging of the submitted photos and videos took place last year on 15Th December. The four member jury praised the international participation for a 1st place, a 2nd place, two 3rd places and six special prizes. The following criterions were at the center of the evaluation of the judges: RECK Agricultural machines in use, originality of the contribution, technical quality and promotional statements. The category special prize was the result of the appealing creative spectrum of the submitted works which were not assigned to the places 1 to 3. These submissions impress with their originality, their artistic aspect, the interesting viewpoint as well as the emotions and also deserve recognition. The places 1 to 3 fulfill the required criteria and show RECK Agricultural machines par excellence.

After the solemn award ceremony by Christine Reck, they entire company was presented to the visitors in short lecture. Following that, the highly interested guest were given an insight to production halls and they were able to experience the RECK technology at first hand. After a refreshment with coffee and cake, the guests made their way home or used the upcoming weekend for a short break in “Oberschwaben”. An interesting an entertaining day, with an exciting program and cheerful participants found its successful conclusion.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in this competition and showed us the RECK Agricultural machines in various ways. Great and remarkable ideas have come to the fore: every single submission deserver’s great praise! That is why the company management has decided to give all participants a thank you.

And the winners are ...

Ellen Tröster, 1st (D)
Arie Anker, 2nd (NL)
Alfredo Altemir Febas, 3rd (ES)
Peter Tröster, 3rd (D)

Manfred Buck, special award
Markus Fackler, special award
Thomas Gabler, special award
Tobias Maasjost, special award
Andreas Mull, special award
Ellen Tröster, special award

Siegerbilder - Siegervideos

  • 1st

    Living on the farm

    In Ellen Trösters (D) film there are two machines in use (RECK silage spreader Magna and RECK silage spreader JUMBO). Agriculture is effectively displayed in a beautiful setting. The film convinces with its very good quality, agricultural ambience and the striking perspective. The viewer gets an excellent all-round view as well as a positive view of the RECK Agrartechnik
  • 2nd

    „High Tech“

    Arie Anker (NL) shows a dynamic composition on his picture RECK stirring technology. Several mixers in a row as well as renewable energy and people in the background give a coherent picture. RECK slurry annular channel and slalom system technology is optimally positioned in a clean environment
  • 3rd

    „Open Air“

    The film by Alfredo Altemir (ES) presents RECK stirring technology in an international setting. In an exemplary lagoon, the RECK mixer Typhoon in combination with a frame extension Ocelot is shown in action. The great extent of the lagoon is enormous and shows the powerful mixing performance of the RECK Agrartechnik in an impressive way.
  • 3rd


    Peter Tröster (D) depicts agriculture from the air. Several machines (RECK silage spreader Magna and RECK silage spreader Jumbo) are used in the photo. In an appealing environment with green meadows and bright blue sky you can see RECK silage technology in use. Here, agricultural technology evokes a positive effect with emotional charisma.
  • special award 1


    Tobias Maasjost has created a perfect miniature of the RECK Mammoth Titan, which made us very confused first. So deceptively realistic and authentic in the real environment, as you can only recognize at second glance that it is a model. That simply inspired us
  • special award 2

    Special perspective

    Manfred Buck shows RECK silage technology (RECK silage spreader Magna) in his unusual film perspective clear and dynamic. Exciting and powerful, the agricultural technique shows itself in the sunset
  • special award 3

    Personal statement

    The film by Andreas Mull stands out with a personal statement about RECK Agrartechnik (RECK silage spreader Plantar). The quality of the film is not optimal, but underlines sympathetically the authenticity of his statement.
  • special award 4

    Tradition meets modern age

    Ellen Tröster's picture was given the title "Tradition meets Modern age". The picture looks like an emotional calendar picture. Through the old tractor you can look at the new generation RECK Agrartechnik (RECK silage spreader Plantar, in the background RECK silage spreader Magna), surrounded by a very authentic atmosphere. Just beautiful!
  • special award 5

    Lonesome Rider

    At Markus Fackler’s picture, the RECK silage technology (RECK silage spreader Plantar) is on top on the way to the sunset. An atmospheric picture in good proportion with the pinch of romance of a road movie. Great picture section!
  • special award 6

    Emotion and power

    Thomas Gabler shows RECK silage technology (RECK grass silage spreader Jumbo II) in its most beautiful form. Rich colors, strong and imposing, the machine stands there and conveys emotion and pure power.
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