Slatted Floor Mixer TORRO - for cowsheds


The slatted floor mixer TORRO for cowshed dissolves surface crusts and homogenizes settlings. Fly broods on the surface crust will be destroyed in a natural way as well as places with problems as in the feeding and the dunging area. The specially shaped folding propeller produces a well-aimed, bundled sharp mixing jet through the centrifugal force.
Easily stirring through the fissures without moving elements, safety for men and animals. An additional advantage is the standard swiveling device. The stir up area can be considerably enlagered because with the swing device you can also swing the mixer from the left to the right lengthways the channel.

At a glance

  • Width of the fissures minimum 2,6 cm and a length of the fissures of minimum 25 cm.
  • Length of mixer sword up to 160 cm
  • Engine power 5,5 - 11 kW


  • For cowsheds




  • RECK Agrartechnik - Water supply

    Water supply

    Water supply with turn-off tap. The life of the special slide bearings can be prolonged considerably with the water supply.

  • RECK Agrartechnik - Folding hinge mixer sword

    Folding hinge mixer sword

    Due to the folding hinge mixer sword the motor can be totally put down for transport purposes. The centre of gravity sinks considerably.

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