Submersible mixer Orka


The submersion of the ORKA is adjustable individually but the maximum depth is 10m. Due to the slim design and the aerodynamic construction the mixing performance is very high. The three bladed propeller turns with 370 rpm in booth directions (mixer can push and pull). The installation is retrofittable at any time.

At a glance

  • max. submersion depth 10 m
  • Engine power 7,5 - 22 kW
  • 100 % duty cycle in either direction (pushing or pulling)


  • Open and closed slurry pits and slurry towers
  • Closed Circuit or Slalom System




  • RECK Agrartechnik - Control unit

    Control unit

    Control unit for automatic interval timer

  • RECK Agrartechnik - Star-triangle safety switch

    Star-triangle safety switch

    Star-triangle safety switch

  • RECK Agrartechnik - Lift and transport trolley

    Lift and transport trolley

    for submersible mixer ORKA

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