Folding PTO Mixer Gepard


The mixer model Gepard can be used even in bigger slurry pit openings (from about ø 80cm) due to the cranked folding frame. The attachment of the mixer is on the tractor’s three point linkage (draft link and upper link). The insertion and the depth adjustment can be done by the tractors hydraulics and the manual spindle. The Gepard mixer can be used as well for mixer shafts in closed circuits or slalom systems. The folding PTO mixer Gepard is available from 4,60 m to 6,60 m length (interim lengths are available on request)

At a glance

  • For openings of 80 cm ø or more
  • Completely galvanized
  • Long lasting, ball bearing free special slide bearings
  • Incl. high efficiency propeller


  • For covered and open slurry pits


Standard version

  • For openings of 80 cm ø or more
  • For tractors with up to about 100 HP
  • Mixer tube 101 mm ⌀
  • Mixer shaft 35 mm ⌀
  • Completely galvanized (Propeller painted)
  • Incl. high efficiency propeller TR-PH 500 (500 mm ⌀)
  • Length of mixer: 4,6 m, 5,6 m, 6,6 m




Accessories for Slurry Annular Channel / Slalom System

  • RECK Agrartechnik - Seal frame

    Seal frame

  • RECK Agrartechnik - Removable square

    Removable square

  • RECK Agrartechnik - Circular seal frame

    Circular seal frame

  • RECK Agrartechnik - Fixed frame or rawlplug frame

    Fixed frame or rawlplug frame

  • RECK Agrartechnik - Fixed frame

    Fixed frame

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