Swivelling Mixer Herkules


With the swiveling mixer Hercules the company RECK offers a powerful mixing ability for tractors up to 300 Hp. Final disposals with maximum 1,5m height and large lagoons can be easily agitated from "one" position. The Hercules mixer can be swiveled hydraulically through 170° (left and right) from the tractor's seat. Narrow paths between large lagoons can be utilized for driving with the tractor to position the agitator to either side.
Due to the large swivel radius, the surface crust can be mixed in several points and the slurry is homogenized more quickly.

At a glance

  • For tractors with up to about 300 HP
  • Hydraulically swivelling up to 170° (to the right and to the left)
  • Length of mixer rod 7 m - 9 m.


  • For open slurry pits or for slurry lagoons


Extra strong version

  • For tractors with more than about 150 HP
  • Mixer tube 140 mm ⌀
  • Mixer shaft 45 mm ⌀
  • Completely galvanized (Propeller painted)
  • Incl. high efficiency propeller TR-PH 600 (600 mm ⌀)
  • Power take off 1 ¾“
  • Specially reinforced mounting
  • Reinforced gear unit
  • 2 hydraulic cylinders ⌀ 80 mm
  • Incl. cardan shaft between mixer tower and mixing rod JR-GN 86
  • Length of mixing rod: 7 m – 9 m




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