Submersible mixer ORKA-EX


The RECK ORKA-EX has been developed for stirring or homogenizing biomass in biogas plants and is characterized by slow and uniform stirring. The immersion depth of the submersible motor mixer is individually adjustable (maximum 10 meters). RECK offers one ORKA-EX model. The model can pull and push and can be used in liquid substances from -10°C to 65°C. The ORKA-EX corresponds to explosion group II B and is therefore also approved for gases of device group II A.

At a glance

  • mixer device variants in different performance classes and propeller shapes
  • EX approval Explosion protection directive 2014/34/EU in zones 1 and 2
  • Individually adjustable immersion depth (maximum 10 m)
  • 100 % duty cycle in both directions of rotation (pushing or pulling)


  • fermenters
  • repositories
  • preliminary pits
  • mixing vessel
  • Mud silos
  • expansion tank
  • septic tanks
  • rainwater overflow basin
  • sumps



  • Propeller speed: n = 370 rpm
  • Gear ratio: i = 3,95
  • engine power P = 5,5-18 kW
  • propeller diameter D = 430-600 mm




  • RECK Agrartechnik - Control unit with soft starter

    Control unit with soft starter

    Control unit for automatic interval timer

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