Electric Slurry Mixer Fux


The Reck Electric Channel Mixer FUX is a small, effective mixer for mobile and stationary use in small slurry pits and slurry channels. For an effective use in the slurry channels we recommend a mounting to adjust the inclination. Accessories: Mounting to adjust the inclination, chassis, handles and propeller stay.

At a glance

  • Engine power 2,2 kW - 11 kW
  • High efficiency propeller 350 - 500 mm ø
  • Length of mixing rod 3 - 4 m
  • Mixer tube 76 mm ø
  • CECON-plug16/32 Ampere
  • 3 x 380 V-Motor


  • Small slurry pits
  • Slurry channels




  • RECK Agrartechnik - Propeller stay short for Electric Channel Mixer

    Propeller stay short for Electric Channel Mixer

  • RECK Agrartechnik - Chassis Solomobil

    Chassis Solomobil

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